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Sleep Specialist Services

Sleep study clinic gold coast The Lung Centre provides a range of specialist sleep services from our Benowa location on the Gold Coast. Diagnostic sleep studies are provided in partnership with Genesis Sleep Care. Dr Thompson pioneered the provision of sleep studies and investigations on the Gold Coast in 1994. Sleep studies for uninsured patients can also be easily arranged.

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Sleep Apnoea - CPAP Downloads

Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) is often used to treat patients with sleep apnoea. Patients with this disorder who use CPAP therapy can bring their machines or data cards into our clinic where one of our scientists will download useful information to assist your treatment. 

Sleep Studies

Dr Thompson is partners with Genesis SleepCare to provide diagnostic polysomnographic (PSG) sleep studies at our sleep investigation units located at Pindara Private Hospital at Benowa and the John Flynn Hospital at Tugun. This is available both privately and bulk billed.

Sleep Hygiene Advice

Sleep hygiene is a phrase used to describe good sleeping habits that will give yourself the best chance of a refreshing sleep. Read our tips to establishing good sleep hygiene.