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Many common lung conditions can cause problems by narrowing the airways and causing shortness of breath. Narrow airways are hard to breathe through; the more the narrowing, the harder the breathing becomes. Spirometry allows us to measure this, as well as assessing the volume of a air used in a single breath.

This test involves you taking a full breath in and blowing out as hard and fast as you can for as long as possible into a calibrated spirometer. Measurements are made of how well your lungs can be emptied and filled with air. The test is performed while sitting down, with legs uncrossed & corect posture. The spirometry test takes 20mins to half an hour. It is usually done before and after breathing a bronchodilator spray such as Ventolin or Bryanyl to measure whether or not these agents are able to improve your breathing. Prior to the test you will be asked to stop taking your reliever puffers for 6 hours or your controller puffers for 12 hours prior to your test. If you think you cannot stop taking your puffers for this long please speak to our laboratory scientist beforehand.